Fascinazione / March-April ‘19

Anthropologist Ernesto De Martino thought that the rite derives from a crisis of presence. From our struggle to prove to the impassible nature that we do exist. Music has, of course, always played a role in that, perhaps it was even forged into that. It is not possible to navigate the world(s) of contemporary music without talking rituals. Even if you do not want, they want to; musicians and performers have a need to be ritualistic. And we do as well, when it comes to the truth of the concert, to the liveness of it. Fascinazione is about nine artists who all share a reverence for that powerful psychophysical state which we all sometimes look for: placing ourselves in a higher state of headlessness. We begin this two-month trip with the ‘industrial cinematic’ rock of trio SabaSaba, from the esoteric town of Turin, and their tendency for mind alteration. Supported by rite lovers Rainbow Island, we believe they’ll deliver an answer to our presence’s crisis. As we segue into the quest for fascination, spectral duo Interlingua and composer-performer Dario Buccino will premiere a double concert for two HN thunder-sheets, a cappella choir, brass group, modular synth and solo vocalist – directly from a deep crack of some chthonic recess to some of the darkest corners of your mind. On the occasion, Dario will give a lecture-recital on his pioneering HN system. Next up, the electric-bass virtuoso Massimo Pupillo, who will present a new solo project for bass, live electronics, and video projection. After 72 album and about 3000 concerts worldwide, Massimo is stopping off at Spettro during one of his ritualistic explorations otherwise known as tours. A week after, a mysterious reference to unrooted anthropologies, with Italian guembri player and electronic musician Ongon, who owns his name to a shamanic instrument said to be inhabited by the Mongolian spirit of the same name; supported by electroacoustic trio Ear Explorer and their anthropomorphic constructions. Through a plethora of magic sound-bodies, we will be given a chance to get ravished, to fascinate and perhaps even to transcend our psyches. We will call it a night with the charme of saxophone Maestro Fausto Sierakowski, who will present a special program for solo sax and give a masterclass on modal music. Coming in from Athens, where he is currently studying ottoman music with its living masters, Fausto is a classically trained musician who explored the realms of free jazz, improv, klezmer, middle-eastern folk; he’s part of multiple music projects worldwide and creator of the extremely successful Errichetta Festival. Before and after the acts… a spectral fascination for club culture and electronic music, which we are all aware of, with Spettro Residents, Areire and Octatanz/Matas Aerobica.


SabaSaba + Rainbow Island + Octatanz


The trio of Tommaso Bonfilio (tape loops, drum machine, organ), Andrea Marini (electronics, flute, guitar, bells) and Gabriele Maggiorotto (drums, percussion, effects) is a rare beast, night phantoms embarking on a digital dust adventure set in a world punctuated by Ballard’s dreams and William Gibson’s visions. SabaSaba’s self-titled debut is an industrial cinematic dub scorcher that is not afraid to mix dark isolationist off-kilter machines, tape recorders and the earthy beat of primordial dancehall dub productions (King Tubby, Horace Andy).

Rainbow Island

Rainbow Island are an interdimensional-psych band based in Rome, Italy. Crystal Smerluvio Riddims is their second LP following their acclaimed debut RNBW, released in 2012, two cassette releases and their participation in the Interdimensional Folklore Vol. I compilation release by the Milan Communion collective in late 2016. They are a prominent voice in the Italian psych underground and in the Rome psych community that gravitates around the DalVerme club, the Thalassa festival and bands such as Mai Mai Mai and Heroin in Tahiti. (…) Their sound brings together elements of electronics, psych-space rhythms and temporal explorations.



Octatanz is a web magazine filled with audio and visual expressions of the inexhaustible music scene mostly inspired by the 80's. Behind Octatanz are two people who accidentally met through their shared interest in music in October, 2012. Oscar der Winzige (Oscar Olias Castellanos) is the director of the cellar studio Sucked Orange Gallery in Berlin and Aerobica (Matas Labašauskas) is an organiser of DIY music events based in Vilnius.



Interlingua + Dario Buccino


Formed in 2017 by composer Francesco Venturi and sound artist Francesco Fonassi, duo Interlingua released their debut album in July 2018. Their music blend extended vocal techniques, analog signal processing, modular synthesis and percussion. They are two fifths of Spettro.

Dario Buccino

Dario Buccino is a composer, instrumentalist, vocalist, lyricist, theorist, teacher, and designer of musical instruments. Since the early 1990s he has been developing the HN System®, a musical system consisting of composition, notation, performance techniques, and based on the parameterisation of the performative process. He applies the HN System to the voice and to acoustic and electronic instruments, with compositions ranging from chamber to orchestral ensembles, and extending to performance art, sound installation, sound sculpture, improvisation, song form, choreography, music for theatre, film and dance, music education, meditation and music therapy.

Masterclass sul Sistema HN®




June 6 195

Massimo Pupillo + Spettro Residents

Massimo Pupillo

Massimo Pupillo is a bassist, improviser and composer. He is best known as a founding member of the Zu, with whom he released 15 albums (and many singles and compilations) with international labels such as House Of Mythology, Ipecac Recordings etc., and toured the planet for about 20 years. In parallel to the Zu he has maintained a very open and curious ethos, which leads him to collaborate often with musicians and artists coming from very different paths: from classical music with the incredible piano duo of Katia and Marielle Labeque, to contemporary music with soprano Barbara Hannigan, with electronic music pioneer Alvin Curran from Musica Elettronica Viva, from rock icons like Mike Patton to experimental music figures like FM Einheit of the Einstuerzende Neubauten, David Tibet of Current 93, Stephen O'Malley of the Sunn O))), Oren Ambarchi, etc., up to heavyweights of free jazz like Peter Brötzmann or Toshinori Kondo.

Spettro Residents



June 6 195

ONGON + Ear Explorer


Antonio Bertoni is an improviser, composer and performer. Works with traditional instruments, self-made tools, found objects and electronics. Interested in many old and new musical forms, he works in different directions, always looking for unconventional approaches, trying to build his own creation practices in every context.


Ear Explorer

Ear Explorer are LEE WHIP (vocal effects & cardiac-drums), WAJUNGA (vertigo guitar sound) and MBONGA (vocal effects).  

ear explorer 


June 6 195

Fausto Sierakowski: Masterclass and Recital

Fausto Sierakowski

Fausto Sierakowski was born in 1988 in Paris and grew up in Rome, Italy. In 2009 he graduated in classical saxophone from the Santa Cecilia Conservatory under the direction of Alfredo Santoloci and in 2012 he obtains a Masters Degree in Contemporary Improvisation from the New England Conservatory under the direction of Anthony Coleman, Hankus Netsky and Frank Carlberg. While in the US and upon his return to Europe in 2014 he has performed and recorded with musicians such as Matt Moran, Anthony Coleman, Joe Morris, Matt Darriau, Satoshi Takeshi, Hayden Chisholm and Axel Dörner. In 2016 he moves to Greece in order to study Ottoman Classical music and Oud with Evgenios Voulgaris. Since then he performs with the ensembles of Evgenios Voulgaris, Thymios Atzakas and James Wylie and with several bands such as People of the Wind (with Alexandros Rizopoulos) and Rodakina (with Avgerini Gatsi, Maria Ploumi and Evi Kanellou).

Special guest: Lorenzo D’Erasmo (frame drums)

Spettro Residents

Spectral Selection(s)