is a corridor for sonic explorers

May/June/July ‘23

Sun 7 May 

Spettro Opera (Mo.Ca. Suona Echo)

Wed 10 May

KNN (Renato Grieco) +
Freaky Fairy Flux Foundation
(Karin Ferrari/Francesco Fonassi) 

Fri 12 May 

Eli Gras + Luysali

Sat 13 May

Ufo Beat (ext.guest night) 

Sat 20 May

Real No Real + Miradasvacas  (Spettro x IndicaMad)

Sun 28 May

Special Brunch + OrchestraFottente

Sat 3 June

Flipping Flippers + YZ + Yief (Villa Garden) 

Sun 4 June

Metamorfosi Vocali / Lim + St.Charlotte (curated by Werk) 

Thu 8 June

Couleurs D’Afrique (Mo.Ca. Suona Echo)

Fri 16 June

Holy Tongue + Spettro Residents (Ground Music Festival) 

Sat 17June

Chorus Abstracta + Immaginaria (Ground Music Festival) 

Sat 1 July

Parasite Jazz + Avair Chotiche + Pepè Fiore (Villa Garden) 

April ‘23

Sat 1 Apr

Yonic South + Nicola Burri + Pollice di Fuoco

Thu 6 Apr

Vincenzo Vasi (Mo.Ca. Suona Echo)

Sun 9 Apr

Bégayer + Les Giants

Sat 15 Apr

Inturist + Djscarica b2b Giglio Tigrato

Thu 20 Apr

Emma Waltraud Howes (workshop + performance) + Sholto Dobie (Mo.Ca Suona Echo)

Sat 22 Apr

Spettro Residents x Indica Mad Afterparty

Sat 29 Apr

Scosse Elettriche (Riccardo Sinigaglia/Davide Zolli) + R.Moro

March ‘23

Fri 3 Mar

Everest Magma + Les Giants b2b Finè + Irene Bi

Sat 11 Mar

Basilar Schema + John Ballan b2b Finè 

Thu 16 Mar

Lino Capra Vaccina (Mo.Ca. Suona Echo)

Fri 17 Mar

Uccellini Uccellacci Ep.II - Amici

Wed 22 Mar

Jacopo Buda + SpettroRecordShop

Thu 23/ Fri 24/ Sat 25 Mar 

Blind Tapes Quartet * Lukatoyboy - Special Project

Sat 25 Mar

Eiger Drums Propaganda + Rubber Toe 


Fri 3 Feb

Euphonic Alliance Ltd. + Bean.o + Dèsirè Bonaventure

Web 8 Feb

Polonius + Uj Bala + Spettro Record Shop 

Sat 11 Feb

BRAINGAME: Bruno Spoerri & Gabriel Schiltkecht  x INDICA MAD - Surreal Sound Festival

Fri 17 FEB

Bromb Treb + Gabber Micheal

Sat 25 FEB

Holiday INN + Maria Violenza + 
Marius Houschyar


Sat 14 Jan

Occupied Head + Peak Nick

Sat 21 Jan

Uccellini Uccellacci I

Wed 25 Jan

Spettrovisioni: The Wicker Man

Sat 28 Jan

A.K. Klosowski + Les Giants + Romantica


Sat 3

Ümlaut + Luysali + Dijscarica 

Tue 6

Dinner with Papo

Sat 10

R. Moro + R. Zemog + Dj Fammi Vedere 

Sat 17

Dominik Von Senger + Giglio Tigrato + Simon Bornborn 

Fri 23


Sat 31

ADN Crystal + Octatanz + Ondula

Spettro—Nov ‘22

Sat 5

Die Welttraumforscher
+ Papiro
+ Les Giants

Wed 9
Spettro Records Shop

Fri 11
[RAAA Festival]

Sat 12
Chorus Abstracta
+ Spettro Residents
[RAAA Festival]

Fri 18
WWDIS Spettro
Dagdad + Dadar

Sat 19
Delmore FX
+ Primordial Ooze

Wed 23

Sat 26
Bad Boy Baader
+ Luzi Gehrisch
+ Electric Evelyn

Wed 30
Dr. Truna 
+(So)niche 22

Spettro—Sept/Oct ‘22

Fri 15

Groß Module + Irene Bi

Sun 18
Escape–ism + Ebhardy 
& The Lost Record

Fri 23
Zad Kokar + Riviere de Corps + Black Metal for my Funeral

Fri 30
Houschyar + Dijscarica

Sun 02
Immaginaria: Laboratorio di cucina con argilla + Andra Ljos

Tue 04
Spettro Records Shop

Sat 08
Harmony Molina w/ Band + Mami

Wed 12
Paul Arambula + Romantica

Fri 14
Dominik Von Senger + Simon Born Born

Sat 22
WWDIs Spettro: Liquid Words + The Bad Plug

Sat 29
Gasparotti + Julinko + Giglio Tigrato + Rubber Toe

Mon 31
Marauder + Luysali / Böb


Sat 18 — Sun 19

Chris Imler, Chillera, Diora, Bear Bones Lay Low, Andrè Pahl, Jooklo + Quantius, Vacas, Saxtape, Les Giants, Yulia Kachan, Andra Ljos, Ear Explorer’s Tropical Sound, Fake Lesbians and the Fairy Grave, Sayonara, Spettro Residents & Immaginaria Observatory

ODISSEA / Feb ‘22

Friday 4

Spettro Opening

Saturday 12 

Paul Aràmbula + Lars Noll

Saturday 19

Lovexpress + Basement 3

Wednesday 23


Friday 25

Djeco + Automatenfall

NEBULOSA / Dec ‘21

Wednesday 1 

Caterina Palazzi + Sistro + Romantica

Saturday 2 

Lea Bertucci + André Pahl

Friday 17

Geier Aus Stahl + Pavel & Jonathan

Wednesday 22

Anti Christmas

ROAR / Jan-Feb ‘20

Friday 17/01

Oscar Der Winzige + CV-Vision

Monday 20/01

Plasman 51 + Les Giants

Friday 24/01

El Tigre Sound

Saturday 01/02

Cacao + Clashmama

Friday 07/02

Lauri Soini

Monday 10/02

Giovanni Di Domenico

Friday 14/02

Pablito El Drito + Peak Nick

Friday 21/02

Yader + Spettro Residents

Monday, 24/02

Gun Kawamura (canceled)

Friday 28/02

Bára Gísladóttir (canceled)


PANPAN / Sept-Oct ‘19

Fry 13 September

Mai Mai Mai + Saigon

Fry 20 September

WOW + Xwit

Tue 24 September

Stefano Pilia + Luca Formentini

Fry 27 September

Daniele de Santis + Michele Lori

Sat 5 October

Arianna Radaelli: Anachrony Loops

Mon 7 October

OFF: Lindsay Clark

Fry 11 October

viDEO sAVant vs ɸ4 + Silvia Cignoli

Fry 18 October

Twoonky + Zeta Zeta + Sallad Egg

Fry 25 October

Spencer Clark + Uji Tanze + Vacas

+ Spettro Residents & Friends


Weirdpoetics2 / Jun ‘19

Fry 7 June

Giorgio Gabber

Fry 14 June


Fry 21 June

Kurek + Ottaven + Cacophonator

Fry 28 June

Spettro Residents

+ Special Guests


Sauna / May ‘19

Fry 3 May


Fry 17 May

Chikiss + Ondula

Fry 24 May


Fry 31 May

Lorenzo D’Erasmo

+ Luca Garino, Spettro Residents


Fascinazione / Mar-Apr ‘19

Fry 8 Mar

SabaSabaRainbow Island

Fry 29 Mar

InterlinguaDario Buccino

Fry 12 Apr

Massimo Pupillo

Fry 19 Apr

OngonEar Explorer

Fry 26 Apr

Fausto Sierakowski

+ Octatanz, Matas Aerobica, Novoline, Lorenzo D’Erasmo, Areire

Im Wald / Feb ‘19

Sat 9 Feb

Valerio Tricoli

Fry 15 Feb

Chris Imler

Fry 22 Feb

Alessandra Novaga

Sat 23 Feb

OFF: Acchiappashpirt

+ Spettro Residents


Weirdpoetics / Jan ‘19

Fry 11 Jan


+ Spettro Residents

Fry 18 Jan

Cristophe Clébard

+ Morozov

Fry 25 Jan

Claudio Rocchetti

+ Spettro Residents  

PANPAN / Sept-Oct ’19

Panning is the distribution of sound into a sound field. In the very middle of PAN, there is MONO – which makes perfect sense, for the word 'pan' means 'all' and in the midst of all there’s the individual. To carry audio within our mono body, our hearing relies on three pairs of stereo ossicles: two hammers, two anvils, two stirrups. But what if we developed six pairs? Our brain would have to mix a quadraphonic soundscape and that could be our perception of space and time. Thanks to such a kind of inner panning we wouldn’t either need sight perhaps. The Second Spectral Season starts with this fantasy in mind. With an invitation to explore new music with rediscovered ears, through the genreless songs by bands WOW and Twoonky, Zeta Zeta and XIWT, the augmented guitars of Stefano Pilia and Silvia Cignoli and Luca Formentini, the star-oriented keyboards of Spencer Clark and the droning beats of Mai Mai Mai and Daniele de Santis. Further, Saiu’s, Rinaldi’s and Woodman's free audiovisuality (Video Savant Vs φ4), the expanded harpsichords of Arianna Radaelli (and guests), experimental DJ sets by Sallad Egg, Michele Lori, Uji Tanze, Saigon Collective and club-codas by Spettro Residents. Plus more to be announced soon.


Mai Mai Mai + Saigon Collective (DJ)

Mai Mai Mai

Since childhood, he followed his parents around Europe and the Near East, assimilating the different cultures, atmospheres and sonorities of the places he was involuntarily taken to. This project is the transposition of those experiences into music and sounds: a mix of drone and ambient, steamy rhythmics, field recordings and sound-scapes less


© Swamp

Saigon Collective


WOW + Xwit


Intimacy as a sacred path, intimacy as a weapon, intimacy as a reaction, a nighttime ritual that becomes an eloquent but essential survival routine. WOW’s fifth album ‘Come La Notte’ (literally ‘Like Night’) is rooted in trying to figure out these questions, can night living keep protecting us? Is this where we can breathe fresh air and find our place in society? (Maple Death Records)


© Francesco Viscuso


Stefano Pilia + Luca Formentini

Stefano Pilia

Stefano Pilia is a guitar player and electro-acoustic composer. His work has become progressively concerned with researching the sculptural properties of sound as well as sound’s relationship with space, memory and the suspension of time. Pilia explores these points of focus through instrumental practice and investigations into the recording and production process.


© Silvia Rosignoli

Luca Formentini

Italian sound-sculptor Luca Formentini uses the guitar as the main tool for his explorations of post-tonal music. Subterraneans (Auditorium, 2003) contains 16 brief vignettes that elucidate the concept. Hands Held As A Well swims through watery and meowing sounds. Ring Mod unleashes a loud, metallic distortion that is then modulated up and down the scale. Sometimes a ghost of a melody appears (If I Stop, Mother), but it is soon engulfed in hostile harmonics. Contrary to what one expects from abstract art, Formentini's experiments exude life: the cacophony in Digya is intensely tragic; the undulating distorion of Su Me sounds almost mystical. and 118 is as tense as a Hitchcock soundtrack, crawling, hissing, flickering, bouncing and, eventually, resting like the emotions of a tortured, chained soul. Gio's Lake is the centerpiece, a concerto for harsh overtones (first movement) that returns to the watery element of the beginning (second movement). Formentini's tragic, post-ambient soundscapes have little in common with the guitar meditations of contemporary avantgarde guitarists. On the other hand, their proto-linguistic structures evoke the similarly linguistically-impaired musique concrete of Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry.


© Mario Piavoli


Daniele de Santis: Prepared Drums + Michele Lori (DJ)

Daniele de Santis

"Prepared Drums" is a performance for amplified acoustic percussions and extemporaneous electronic processing of their signal source. Artfully built around De Santis' peculiar sound-device crafting, the project finds its foundation in the creation of special non aerial transducers, meant on purpose to achieve the rare result to over-amplify acoustic percussions while minimizing risks of feedback artifacts. Their integration with the drum set as unique amplifying medium is the means for beaming on the sound system a magnified whole topography of the subtle tactile timbres and microtonal resonant harmonics residing in the drum set bodies. Then, De Santis' atypical cross-over of rhythmical languages drives a hypnotic auditory path of immersive and slightly shamanic tones in the sonically augmented and transfigured matter of the drum instrument.

Berlin-based percussionist and producer, Daniele De Santis is also a prolific music instruments creator as well as the founder and curator of Dromoscope platform-label. The wide constellation of activities that have seen him involved in recent years has slightly disclosed his rich background of diverse influences as well as the eclectic nature of his musical research. While developing a unique instrumental language, enrooted in middle-eastern and oriental polyrhythmism just like in abstract electronica and free-jazz, De Santis carries out also a spontaneous deep research in sound engineering and crafting, seing GRÜN project perhaps as its more prominent effect.


© Beursschouwburg

Michele Lori

© Shari DeLorian


Anachrony Loops: Arianna Radaelli


an experimental format exploring the heterogeneous within time, for one itinerant cembalist, two dislocated temperaments and four acousmatic promenades

Arianna Radaelli, harpsichords
Curated by Francesco Venturi
Music by György Ligeti, Jacques Duphly, Spartaco Cortesi (commission), Michelangelo Rossi, Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa, Francesco Fonassi (commission), Domenico Scarlatti, Georg Friedrich Händel, Alvaro Nuñez Carbullanca (commission), Giovanni de Macque, Girolamo Frescobaldi, ALMARE (commission), Francesco Geminiani, Johann Sebastian Bach
Instruments built by Andrea Restelli di Milano

Born in Milan, Arianna Radaelli has a concert activity in Italy and Europe, both as soloist and as member of orchestras and chamber ensembles. First prize at the 'Amelia Isabella Bianchi' Harpsichord Competition in La Spezia, and second prize and audience award at the XIX 'Biagio Marini' International Chamber Music Competition, Radaelli graduated with distinction in Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, in the class of Francesco Corti. She studied harpsichord and fortepiano with Emilia Fadini and Giovanni Togni, piano with Silvia Rumi and Paolo Bordoni. Radaelli performed in concert with conductors such Bernardini, Quarta, Gaillard, Mortensen and has played in several festivals of early music, including Innsbrucker Festwochen der Alten Musik and Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht.

© Gloria Pasotti
© Ensemble Testori


viDEO sAVant vs ɸ4 + Silvia Cignoli/The Wharmerall

viDEO sAVant vs ɸ4

Charles Woodman is a visual artist working in video and expanded media. His recent projects have concentrated on the integration of video with live performance, often in collaboration with musicians or dancers. Appearances include performances at Shapeshifters Cinema, Oakland; ENSAD, Paris; IceBox, Philadelphia; ISEA, Dubai;  Settlement House, NYC;Villa Douce, Reims; France, and the San Francisco Cinematheque. viDEO sAVant creates visual music, improvising with other musicians to make “live cinema”- real-time, improvised, audio/visual performances. Disparate images and sounds blur together and fuse to become a new kind of organism, a beautiful mutant that lives and breathes according to the ways that the individual collaborators react to each other. This chimera is a metaphor for our own imaginings of our future as a society and as individual human beings: convoluted, troubling, humorous, messy…

Maurizio Rinaldi (ɸ4) Sonic artist, musician and teacher. He holds a bachelor’s degree in music and a master’s degree in theoretical physics. He’s a founding member of improvisation groups Phi4, Innerplay and Ligatura. In 2008 he was awarded the first prize at the Concorso Giovani Musicisti Europei Strade del Cinema in Aosta (IT). His professional activities, artistic and educational, is mainly engaged in research and experimentation within computer music and improvisation. Also active as guitarist and electronic musician with groups and solo projects. He’s a physics and mathematics teacher in high school and a sound design professor at academy of fine arts. In 2018 “Mobilis in Mobili” for electric guitar and laptop has been premiered at Mise_En-Place BOS in New York.

Fabrizio Saiu (ɸ4) works in experimental music and in performing arts field, focusing on the concerto, collective act and environmetal behaviors: performative mechanisms based on the twine of different practices in which the environment, body actions and the sound are central elements. Appearances include performances at Strade del Cinema - Teatro Romano (Aosta, 2008), Cinema Massimo (Turin, 2009), 48 Stunden Neukölln - Kunst und Kulturfestival (Berlin 2011), Move Cine Art Festival (São Paulo, 2012),  XXXI ed. all’Asolo Art Film Festival (2012), Celeste Prize (Milan 2015), Musikraumgarage (Vienna, 2015), Peraspera Festival (Bologna, 2016), Santarcangelo Festival (2017), Kule Kunsthaus - Labor Sonor 2018 (Berlin, 2018), Italský kulturní institut - PQ + (Prague, 2019).



The Wharmerall

Classical and electric guitarist, versatile musician ranges from classical to contemporary music, from radical improvisation to avant-rock to his own musical creation, crossover between her academic experiences and the underground scene of drone, glitch and noise music. Recently she has been focusing on her solo project “The Wharmerall” where she composes and plays electric guitar, signal processors, electronics and keyboards.


© Roberto Masotti


Twoonky + Zeta Zeta + Sallad Egg (DJ)


Spettro co-founders Twoonky is the side project of the TwoMonkeys duo, music thrust into dance electronics, night time digressions, cosmic dreams, and disco hallucinations. Breath and rhythm, pulsing out and inside our brains. Smoke comes out of the eye and falls slowly between all us.


Zeta Zeta

After his 2017 Blank Editions debut Bird, Daf Lloyd left his London studio to write a dream diary, experiment with hypnosis and make space (rather than time)-oriented music, before temporarily moving to the Russian forest, where he started the construction of the Dream Hotel.


Sallad Egg

She started playing records at house parties in Brighton about 12 years ago and through encouragement from friends started to take the djing game a bit more seriously, playing now quite regularly in London and around Europe. To her that is perhaps the best part of djing, having the opportunity to meet and be inspired by so many other amazing musicians and performers.



June 6 195

Spencer Clark + Uji Tanze (DJ) + Vacas (DJ)

Spencer Clark

Monopoly Child Star Searchers is musician Spencer Clark, previously one half of The Skaters with James Ferraro. The first two tracks above are from Pinhead In Fantasia and the third is from HR Gigers Studiolo. Both albums are out on Ckark's own Pacific City Sound Visions. Britt Brown reviews Pinhead In Fantasia in The Wire 371: "Of all the fountainheads to froth forth from the US underground of the 2000s, few cascade as deep into their imagination as Spencer Clark, and few have compromised less. His creations seem to grow more arcane, ornate and indescribable. Case in point: his new four hour suite of warped chamber music centers upon the cenobite creatures from the Hellraiser franchise – Butterball, Chatterer, the Female, and of course Pinhead – recast as Renaissance beings of enlightenment. That the idea came to him via a recurring dream involving a sentient, telepathic gold metal bolt would make it tempting to tease, even dismiss, were the sonic language not so compelling, and the radical mythology so nuanced in design." (The Wire Magazine)


© Factmag

Uji Tanze

Pablo is in charge of Radio Relativa's show "Ficción Romance" and also takes part in the exciting collective "Real No Real", along other friends and artists. They organize events in their hometown that highlight the selection and feel that brings collective together. Today brings us dubby experimentarions and easy low industrial melodies.



Juan Vacas is a member of the Madrid based collective Real No Real and occasional collaborator with other art/music spaces. He is based in a country house in the outskirts of Madrid where he holds occasional music-oriented meetings with like-minded individuals. He focuses on a wide variety of obscure musics and plays them with a lot of charm.


Sculpture by Marco Gobbi

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