Im Wald / February ‘19

We continue our kermesse of underground wanderers by reaching deeper into the forest(s) of music language(s), this time with a genuine flair of Germanicity. For a start, Valerio Tricoli will show us the way through an eerie wood of “provocative signifiers” (The Formant) of which he has the greatest knowledge. We can't be sure of what to expect on the other side of the woods, but we'll accept the provocation for we trust Valerio and his trusty Revox B77. Next up, the electro-decadent persona of Chris Imler: if you never heard of his work, it is time to consider leaving your safe zone and flee the nest. During the last three decades Chris has been ravaging the forests of pop, rock, punk, electronic, you name it, and he's coming from Berlin to bring his bold mixture of nonconforming languages and wild culture. We end with Alessandra Novaga’s wunderkammer for solo guitar and tape dedicated to the world of filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder. The forest imagery in Fassbinder recalls the illustrated German fairy tales, the romantic paintings by Caspar D. Friedrich or Fritz Lang’s film Die Nibelungen. But Fassbinder was also the decadent storyteller who gave voice to the outsiders, to the undergrowth, to the underground. What better way to end a sound walk in the subterranean and the metaphysical than a Fassbinder Wunderkammer? After each concert until late night we take a deeper stroll through the forest with our usual Spectral Selections.

Poster design: Andrea Cacace, Francesco Venturi, Michele Bornati


Valerio Tricoli + Spettro Residents

Valerio Tricoli

“Valerio Tricoli conjures an atmospheric tension that’s deeply unsettling. The horror and the precision he presents hang in the air, like a piercing scream behind soundproof doors that you can feel for hours after you’ve entered a now abandoned room (…) It’s everything you fear, but that you can’t do without — a conniving Stockholm syndrome for the soul” (Tinymixtapes)

Spettro Residents

Selection: Memorymetropolis


Chris Imler + Spettro Residents

Chris Imler

“Iconic symbol of a metropolitan subculture that flaunts formal elegance and rock'n'roll decadence, he created a unique style made of daring combinations, experimentation and nonconformity, almost as if his skinny and nervous body, the thin mustache and the magnetic look were the expression of a precise glamor model“ (Acusmatiq

Spettro Residents
June 12 1953
Selection: SpettroWave


June 6 195

Alessandra Novaga: Fassbinder Wunderkammer

Alessandra Novaga

“This record is about R.W. Fassbinder and his cinema (…) It collects arrangements of some of Peer Raben’s wonderful themes, which have been my main source of inspiration, and sets about a journey through the many identities Fassbinder was able to embody with his unique voice” (Alessandra Novaga)

Spettro Residents

Spectral Selection