SPETTRO is a corridor for sonic explorers

Feb/Mar ‘24

Sat 3 Feb

Mitchell Keaney (live, I/US) + Kraut Cosmic (djset) + Irene Bi (opening)

Sat 10 Feb

Musica Viva (live) + Matas Aerobica (djset/LT)

Sat 17 Feb

Ugne & Maria (live/LT) + Estades (djset/ES)

Sat 2 Mar

Officium (live/DE) + Lois Lazur (live/DE) + Catfish (djset)

Fri 8 Mar

Viadellironia (live) + Spettro Sister (dj rondò)

Sun 10 Mar

Special Sunday Spettrovisioni: L’assedio + A Norma

Sat 16 Mar

Ricardo Dias Gomes (live/BRA) + Late Ninja (live/I, UA) + Oscar Der Winzige (djset/ES)

Sat 23 Mar

WWDIS: Siouxie and the Skunks (live) + Due Cani (djset)

Fri 29 Mar

Guido Möbius (live/DE) + Etta Simone (djset)

Jan ‘24

Sat 13 Jan

Nebel 3000 (live/DE) + Essaira (live) + Bean’o B2B Dj Abbracci

Sat 14 Jan

M1-M3: Domenica Dielettrica Flusso Obliquo (live)

Wed 17 Jan

Libri Belli from the Underground with Livia Satriano

Sat 20 Jan

Luce Celestiale (live) + Megabasse (live/FR) + Irene Bi (djset)

Sat 27 Jan

Sleepers Records Night: Eric Random (live/UK) + Peak Nick (djset)

Nov/Dec ‘23

Sat 4 Nov

Jooklo XXL (live, I/UK) + Pieter Kock (djset, DE)

Sun 5 Nov

[M1-M3]: Domenica dielettrica: Air Keychains (live, I/NL)

Wed 8 Nov

SpettroRecordshop: Accou + Fiesta en el vacio + Charlie OS (live, BE)

Fri 10 Nov

Chris Imler (live, DE) + Elder Sister (live, US) + Steve Pepe (djset, I)

Wed 15 Nov


Fri 17 Nov

[M1-M3]: Lay Llamas (live, I) + M1-M3 (Music Selecta)

Sat 18 Nov

Viadellironia (live, I) + Giglio Tigrato (djset, I)

Fri 24 Nov

Hociwa + Ssm + Moineau écarlate (live, BE) + Dark mimosa (djset, BE)

Fri 1 Dec

Reptilian Expo +  Cotopaxe (live, I) + Les Giants (djset, I)

Sat 2 Dec

Manu Luis (live, BE) + Rubber Toe (djset, I)

Thu 7 Dec 

Soniche 2023 Ensemble (live, I) + Cacophonator (live, I)

Sat 9 Dec

Lazzee the Cynic (live, CAN) + Finè (djset, I)

Fri 15 Dec

Mik Quantius (live, DE) + Spettro Residents (djset)

Sat 16 Dec

Elastic Systems (live, FR) + Luisali (djset, DE)

Sat 23 Dec


Mon 25 Dec 

Uccellacci Uccellini

+ ext. events:
Fri 3 Nov / Fri 8 Dec


Sept/Oct ‘23

Sun 17 September

Gran Riapertura

Eric Kinny’s Happy Fuji News
Wosto / Cid Honer / Spettro Residents 

Sat 23 September

Jaakko Eino Kalevi + Djscarica

Sat 30 September

Philippe Laurent + Simon BornBorn

Sat 7 October

Succhiamo + Peak Nick

Wed 11 October

Spettro Record Shop: Matas Aerobica

Bigbandalone / Radijo Musikii 

Fri 13 October

Uccellacci Uccellini

Fri 20 October

Inturist + Dima Modborn + Zalou

Sat 21 October

WWDIS: Leopardo + Dizzy Davis

Wed 25 October


Sat 28 October

Twoonky + Sasha Mambo
+Federico Cassetta

Tue 31 October

Heavenphetamine + DjPeacock

May/Jun/Jul ‘23

Sun 7 May 

Spettro Opera (Mo.Ca. Suona Echo)

Wed 10 May

KNN (Renato Grieco) +
Freaky Fairy Flux Foundation
(Karin Ferrari/Francesco Fonassi) 

Fri 12 May 

Eli Gras + Luysali

Sat 13 May

Ufo Beat (ext.guest night) 

Sat 20 May

Real No Real + Miradasvacas  (Spettro x IndicaMad)

Sun 28 May

Special Brunch + OrchestraFottente

Sat 3 June

Flipping Flippers + YZ + Yief (Villa Garden) 

Sun 4 June

Metamorfosi Vocali / Lim + St.Charlotte (curated by Werk) 

Thu 8 June

Couleurs D’Afrique (Mo.Ca. Suona Echo)

Fri 16 June

Holy Tongue + Spettro Residents (Ground Music Festival) 

Sat 17June

Chorus Abstracta + Immaginaria (Ground Music Festival) 

Sat 1 July

Parasite Jazz + Avair Chotiche + Pepè Fiore (Villa Garden) 

Apr ‘23

Sat 1 Apr

Yonic South + Nicola Burri + Pollice di Fuoco

Thu 6 Apr

Vincenzo Vasi (Mo.Ca. Suona Echo)

Sun 9 Apr

Bégayer + Les Giants

Sat 15 Apr

Inturist + Djscarica b2b Giglio Tigrato

Thu 20 Apr

Emma Waltraud Howes (workshop + performance) + Sholto Dobie (Mo.Ca Suona Echo)

Sat 22 Apr

Spettro Residents x Indica Mad Afterparty

Sat 29 Apr

Scosse Elettriche (Riccardo Sinigaglia/Davide Zolli) + R.Moro

March ‘23

Fri 3 Mar

Everest Magma + Les Giants b2b Finè + Irene Bi

Sat 11 Mar

Basilar Schema + John Ballan b2b Finè 

Thu 16 Mar

Lino Capra Vaccina (Mo.Ca. Suona Echo)

Fri 17 Mar

Uccellini Uccellacci Ep.II - Amici

Wed 22 Mar

Jacopo Buda + SpettroRecordShop

Thu 23/ Fri 24/ Sat 25 Mar 

Blind Tapes Quartet * Lukatoyboy - Special Project

Sat 25 Mar

Eiger Drums Propaganda + Rubber Toe 


Fri 3 Feb

Euphonic Alliance Ltd. + Bean.o + Dèsirè Bonaventure

Web 8 Feb

Polonius + Uj Bala + Spettro Record Shop 

Sat 11 Feb

BRAINGAME: Bruno Spoerri & Gabriel Schiltkecht  x INDICA MAD - Surreal Sound Festival

Fri 17 FEB

Bromb Treb + Gabber Micheal

Sat 25 FEB

Holiday INN + Maria Violenza + 
Marius Houschyar


Sat 14 Jan

Occupied Head + Peak Nick

Sat 21 Jan

Uccellini Uccellacci I

Wed 25 Jan

Spettrovisioni: The Wicker Man

Sat 28 Jan

A.K. Klosowski + Les Giants + Romantica


Sat 3

Ümlaut + Luysali + Dijscarica 

Tue 6

Dinner with Papo

Sat 10

R. Moro + R. Zemog + Dj Fammi Vedere 

Sat 17

Dominik Von Senger + Giglio Tigrato + Simon Bornborn 

Fri 23


Sat 31

ADN Crystal + Octatanz + Ondula

Spettro—Nov ‘22

Sat 5

Die Welttraumforscher
+ Papiro
+ Les Giants

Wed 9
Spettro Records Shop

Fri 11
[RAAA Festival]

Sat 12
Chorus Abstracta
+ Spettro Residents
[RAAA Festival]

Fri 18
WWDIS Spettro
Dagdad + Dadar

Sat 19
Delmore FX
+ Primordial Ooze

Wed 23

Sat 26
Bad Boy Baader
+ Luzi Gehrisch
+ Electric Evelyn

Wed 30
Dr. Truna 
+(So)niche 22

Spettro—Sept/Oct ‘22

Fri 15

Groß Module + Irene Bi

Sun 18
Escape–ism + Ebhardy 
& The Lost Record

Fri 23
Zad Kokar + Riviere de Corps + Black Metal for my Funeral

Fri 30
Houschyar + Dijscarica

Sun 02
Immaginaria: Laboratorio di cucina con argilla + Andra Ljos

Tue 04
Spettro Records Shop

Sat 08
Harmony Molina w/ Band + Mami

Wed 12
Paul Arambula + Romantica

Fri 14
Dominik Von Senger + Simon Born Born

Sat 22
WWDIs Spettro: Liquid Words + The Bad Plug

Sat 29
Gasparotti + Julinko + Giglio Tigrato + Rubber Toe

Mon 31
Marauder + Luysali / Böb


Sat 18 — Sun 19

Chris Imler, Chillera, Diora, Bear Bones Lay Low, Andrè Pahl, Jooklo + Quantius, Vacas, Saxtape, Les Giants, Yulia Kachan, Andra Ljos, Ear Explorer’s Tropical Sound, Fake Lesbians and the Fairy Grave, Sayonara, Spettro Residents & Immaginaria Observatory

ODISSEA / Feb ‘22

Friday 4

Spettro Opening

Saturday 12 

Paul Aràmbula + Lars Noll

Saturday 19

Lovexpress + Basement 3

Wednesday 23


Friday 25

Djeco + Automatenfall

NEBULOSA / Dec ‘21

Wednesday 1 

Caterina Palazzi + Sistro + Romantica

Saturday 2 

Lea Bertucci + André Pahl

Friday 17

Geier Aus Stahl + Pavel & Jonathan

Wednesday 22

Anti Christmas

ROAR / Jan-Feb ‘20

Friday 17/01

Oscar Der Winzige + CV-Vision

Monday 20/01

Plasman 51 + Les Giants

Friday 24/01

El Tigre Sound

Saturday 01/02

Cacao + Clashmama

Friday 07/02

Lauri Soini

Monday 10/02

Giovanni Di Domenico

Friday 14/02

Pablito El Drito + Peak Nick

Friday 21/02

Yader + Spettro Residents

Monday, 24/02

Gun Kawamura (canceled)

Friday 28/02

Bára Gísladóttir (canceled)


PANPAN / Sept-Oct ‘19

Fry 13 September

Mai Mai Mai + Saigon

Fry 20 September

WOW + Xwit

Tue 24 September

Stefano Pilia + Luca Formentini

Fry 27 September

Daniele de Santis + Michele Lori

Sat 5 October

Arianna Radaelli: Anachrony Loops

Mon 7 October

OFF: Lindsay Clark

Fry 11 October

viDEO sAVant vs ɸ4 + Silvia Cignoli

Fry 18 October

Twoonky + Zeta Zeta + Sallad Egg

Fry 25 October

Spencer Clark + Uji Tanze + Vacas

+ Spettro Residents & Friends


Weirdpoetics2 / Jun ‘19

Fry 7 June

Giorgio Gabber

Fry 14 June


Fry 21 June

Kurek + Ottaven + Cacophonator

Fry 28 June

Spettro Residents

+ Special Guests


Sauna / May ‘19

Fry 3 May


Fry 17 May

Chikiss + Ondula

Fry 24 May


Fry 31 May

Lorenzo D’Erasmo

+ Luca Garino, Spettro Residents


Fascinazione / Mar-Apr ‘19

Fry 8 Mar

SabaSabaRainbow Island

Fry 29 Mar

InterlinguaDario Buccino

Fry 12 Apr

Massimo Pupillo

Fry 19 Apr

OngonEar Explorer

Fry 26 Apr

Fausto Sierakowski

+ Octatanz, Matas Aerobica, Novoline, Lorenzo D’Erasmo, Areire

Im Wald / Feb ‘19

Sat 9 Feb

Valerio Tricoli

Fry 15 Feb

Chris Imler

Fry 22 Feb

Alessandra Novaga

Sat 23 Feb

OFF: Acchiappashpirt

+ Spettro Residents


Weirdpoetics / Jan ‘19

Fry 11 Jan


+ Spettro Residents

Fry 18 Jan

Cristophe Clébard

+ Morozov

Fry 25 Jan

Claudio Rocchetti

+ Spettro Residents  

CALICANTO / Mar-Apr ’22

The Winter Flower flourishes in the cold and the dark. It puts forth its flowers before the leaves are grown. It mesmerizes with its scent and inspires with its vitality. We are launching the new programme with this image of beauty and strength.

We begin with the duo Tumanno (Boris Gétaz and Andra Ljos) and their desertified folk and ambient soundscapes as far as an eye. Sharing the stage, the droning grace of Lagno (a.k.a. Autre Gonzesse), and her self-moving music made of synthetic textures and violin sounds (5 March). Next up, a special night in support of Ukrainian people, with the showcase of Muscut Records. As the concert by Chillera was cancelled, it is their label’s records to take the floor. All profits will be donated to support humanitarian aid. Opens the night the ensemble (So)niche 2021, a brand-new quintet emerged from the residency “Four Rays” at Centro Musica di Modena (12 March). Next week, we welcome the debut of a new quartet project by artist and performer Shari DeLorian. A night of dark electroacoustic atmospheres and dusty voicings, to take us by the hand in a sorrowful landscape (18 March). To follow, we move down to the garage, with Siouxie & the Skunks and their flippant punk with a scent of pure DIY experimentation. We can expect a night of string breaker riffs and lots of analog distortion (26 March). To finish March with flying colors, it is time for Adriano Cava (a.k.a. Altrimenti) and his hard-resampling art made of ephemeral materials and transparent ambiances, supported by the experimental ambient music of Quanta Qualia (29 March).

We greet April with a night in praise of Spring, with singer and multi-instrumentalist Maria Valentina Chirico, her inseparable harmonium and tapes, and a DJ set by London-based Spectral friend Sallad Egg (1 April). To follow, another inspired night, thanks to the intimate and emotional indie-folk of singer-songwriter Galapaghost (5 April). For the weekend, it is time to welcome back Chris Imler, aka the “Grand Seigneur of the Berlin Underground”, who will blow again the experimental and electronic side of post-punk (17 April). The next week, a two-day workshop by collective OTOLAB, who will teach us how to literally play light itself (23-24 April), and a live set by Tony Light, with the support of Xo00 (23 April). To conclude this scented double programme, a night with multifaceted producer Infuso Giallo, and a live set by spectral habitué Novoline (29 April), to make us dream, dance, and listen. Plus the monthly appointment with the cinema of Spettrovisioni, and other flowers in the dark to be announced along the way.


Tumanno (live) + Lagno (live)


The two part of Tumanno, the musicians Andra Ljos and Boris Gétaz, met in a party at Empty Brain Resort 2 years ago. Having influences in common they started collaborating remotely during lockdown, sharing ideas of song and layers of sound on which they built a highly cinematographic music. It features sound textures coming from cello improvisations, field recording and organ lines in turn delicates or deeps.
They will present the songs that will be part of the upcoming tape Plener, which will be released very soon on the label Mais Para Baixo and that will be available at I hit the drum.


Lagno [la藞刹o] is the solo project of Elodie Le Neindre. Classically trained as a violinist, she composes music investigating sounds from a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments blended with live looping, sampling and effect processing. Tones are dug, bent and extended in rapt improvisational quests with a deviant approach to electroacoustic music.live improvisation with amplified violin, pedals, synth.

Also active as (DJ) Autre Gonzesse.


June 6 195

MUSCUT Records (10 years showcase) + (So)niche 2021 (live)


Record label from Estonia focusing on pseudo and practical audio archaeology, founded in 2012 by Dima Nikolaienko, Muscút (Ukr. Мускáт) takes its name from the syllabic abbreviation of two words: Music and Cutting.

To celebrate the 10th year of Muscut, we organized the italian tour of Ukrainian trio Chillera, but the situation in Ukraine blocked the tour. To show our support to Ukrainian people we are dedicating the night to the reselling of Chillera ‘PRO FUN’ 10’ vynil and other releases from Muscut. All profits will be donated to support humanitarian aid.

Support MUSCUT and free music from Ukraine. 

(So)niche 2021

The (so)niche 2021 collective is made of five musicians living in Emilia Romagna and selected through an open call to participate in the artistic residency "Four Rays / Quatre Faisceaux d'Anti-Division: a Residency", at the Music Center of Modena, held by the guitarist and founder of the seminal group Sunn O))) Stephen O'Malley and the electroacoustic composer François J. Bonnet (aka Kassel Jaeger, director of the INA GRM research center in Paris).

The collective features Giacomo Bertocchi (Clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, transverse flute), Demetrio Cecchitelli (transverse flute in C), Oscar De Caro (Tuba, euphonium), Caterina Romano (transverse flute, piccolo, bass flute, flute in G), Giulia Schifani (flute, piccolo, bass flute). They will present a composition developed starting from the experience of the residence that formed them.

The (so) niche 2021 collective is promoted by the Music Center of the Municipality of Modena, within the Residence Project of "Sonda Music Sharing - (So) Niche" (Music Law 2/2018 of the Emilia Romagna Region) with the artistic direction of Riccardo La Foresta.


Shari DeLorian - Seven Words

Shari DeLorian

“Seven Swords” (Realia005) is the latest work from Shari DeLorian. With its gritty materiality, intimate atmospheres and liberating digressions—at times dreamy, often bloody, Seven Swords revolves around the impossibility of seeing yourself for whom you really are. It’s a concept album about self-knowledge and the sorrows deriving from the long harsh road to it. Admittedly, the record’s title pays homage to the well-known religious icon “Our Lady of Sorrows”, named also “Seven Swords Mary”. Depicted with seven swords piercing her heart or radiating around her, in popular culture “Seven Swords Mary” is the name by which the Virgin Mary is referred to in relation to sorrows in her life. Reflecting the artist’s peculiar interest in cultic—mostly Orthodox— imagery, in the context of the album the suffering Virgin becomes a universal metaphor for the violent traumas that constitute the self.

Clearly committed to an experimental electronic sound, the album is nonetheless pervaded by feelings of loss and nostalgia evoked by the prospect of a possibly imminent return, or rather exile, to urban life. To capture the place-specific, sensorial experiences (the fabrics, smells, sounds, views etc.) inspiring the making of the record and yet susceptible to oblivion following the artist’s departure, in this work prominence is accorded to instruments capable of reviving that subjective mental territory, that is, analog synthesizers alongside acoustic instruments such as the harmonium and cello. [Realia]



June 6 195

Siouxie & the Skunks (live)

Siouxie & the Skunks

MONELLY D.I.Y. from the musicians/artists collective Super Stanzy.

"Take 5 kids, put some new toys in their hands and leave them in a dirty garage with a good dose of booze and rock 'n roll; give them a good soak in punk, a flock of good intentions and let them fry properly: these are the Siouxie & the Skunks, (not too much) healthy bearers of that sacred fire that only shamans and teenagers can keep”



Adriano Cava (live) + Quanta Qualia (live)

Adriano Cava

New Weird Italia councilor and 1/3 of the screw-wave label Reforma, Adriano Cava had a unique parliamentary experience as SOUNDOF ??? REPUBBLICA (2018-2023). Dedicated to sound manipulation as Altrimenti, he begins a new path through the use of his own name. Having self-published the ongoing archive of tape overdub (Figura Statica, 1909), he will present through a series of concerts scattered throughout the spring “Transient”, forthcoming album out on Unio Editions. Hard-resampling, ephemeral materials and transparent environments.

Quanta Qualia

Few words from Quanta Qualia (Siet Raeymaekers and Tomas Dittborn) to describe their world:

1. Delta Waves
from theta materialism to alpha mental to delta deepdream
delta brain waves render us into the unknown, memory won't trace the processes happening under these nightly circumstances
here we consider ourselves officially asleep even though our system is seemingly engaged in mysterious and most vital activity
tapping into alpha might give us some glances

2. Places
(only) when displaced we become sensitive to our surroundings, hyper aware
like when u sit in the metro and pretend to be from ancient times catapulted into 2020, and let yourself be transported trough the tunnels with those eyes
we enjoy being strangers on new land
whether in the metro or trough the lens of our digital microscope, discovering places within places within places...

3. Art
various mediums can be used to channel
once in a while the puppeteer shows it's grin and we smile intrigued

4. Universe
amazingly many in paradoxical union
a lonely unit in eternal division and return
for the sake of playing with itself
or maybe to observe itself

5. Kindred spirits A
as in people
just like the sympathetic strings on a sitar resonating automatically in (ac)chord
kindred spirits seem to be nonlocally entangled
a non-causal phenoumenon by which simultaneous affinity of sensibilities emerge from a collective source

5. Kindred spirits B
as in disembodied entities, we don't consciously mess with those
they might mess with us
if so, they seem to be on our side
we feel generally lucky

6. Collaborations
Together we co-create new reality valves, ones that simply seem more worth it
in name of love and liberation we are nurtured by a network which we wish to nurture in return

7. Nature
on nature's nature: see SALUTATION 0 and II on https://www.nonlocalsociety.com/siet-rae

8. Future
the blooming of present seeds

Source: Het Bos


June 6 195

Maria Valentina Chirico (live) + Sallad Egg (dj)

Maria Valentina Chirico

Maria Valentina Chirico is a singer with a baroque, classical and contemporary music background. She graduated in vocal chamber music, studied in Berlin and Turin, and has performed in various theatres and festivals, expanding her repertoire of sacred and contemporary music.
She founded Tubipora Musica, a duo based on original music, improvisation, ancient and modern repertoire for harp, vocals, harmonium and electronics.
She has been in love with the sound of the harmonium since she was a child, and later started collecting ‘forgotten’ harmoniums from churches and older musicians. In 2018, on the night of St Nicholas, she received a handmade, portable Harmonium from Klaus Langer Harmoniumwerkstatt.

Valentina has started composing her own music for theatre and cinema, and is now focused on writing music for fairy tales, and songs about animals, children, plants and dreams.

Folk Tapes is Chirico's official debut as a songwriter, It anticipates the release of another short work a 7-inch EP composed of two songs: a reinterpretation of the traditional Neapolitan Christmas carol "Quanno Nascette Ninno", from which comes the most famous "From Starry Skies Thou Comest", and an original song inspired by a Rainer Maria Rilke poem.

Sallad Egg

Sallad Egg is the dj name of Sally Evans. She is based in London. You can find more mixes at soundcloud.com/salladegg She started playing records at house parties in Brighton about 12 years ago and through encouragement from friends started to take the djing game a bit more seriously, playing now quite regularly in London and around Europe. Sallad Egg will be playing at Braille Satellite this year. Her set for Skalbianke opens with a track by Twoonky called Take Time. Twoonky and also in their other guise Two Monkeys have become regular performers at the festival and will be playing as Two Monkeys this year. Other tracks included in her set are by friends Eva Geist and Ben Vince. To her that is perhaps the best part of djing, having the opportunity to meet and be inspired by so many other amazing musicians and performers.


June 6 195



The folk singer Casey Chandler, aka Galapaghost, is born in New York. After studying he moves to Texas, where he composes and records a handful of songs. In 2010 he plays in the American and European tour of the acclaimed John Grant. In 2012 Lady Lovely Label releases his debut album "Runnin". An Italian tour of 15 consecutive dates follows. On stage Casey playing with Ru Catania (Africa Unite, WAH Companion) and Federico Puttilli (Nadar Solo, Levante). The following year, thanks to a successful crowd funding campaign on MusicRaiser, Galapaghost releases his second album "Dandelion", always for Lady Lovely and with the artistic production of Ru Catania. At the end of 2014 his song "Never Heard Nothin '" is included in the highly anticipated film by Gabriele Salvatores "The Invisible Boy". The director also commissions a second song, "The Tale Of The Invisible Boy", which will be on the soundtrack distributed by Warner.



June 6 195

Chris Imler (live) 

Chris Imler

Chris Imler is a drummer, singer, lyricist and composer. He first made a splash in the late nineties as the drummer of the legendary Berlin band Golden Showers. Since then he has been involved in numerous projects and bands, including Peaches, Puppetmastaz, Soffy O, Jens Friebe, and Oum Shatt. Together with Patric Catani he founded the project Driver & Driver.

For some years now, Chris Imler has been pursuing his solo career and his inimitable sound, in which he combines electronics with live drums and vocals simultaneously. His lyrics oscillate between Dada and intelligent social criticism. His unique sound between postpunk, electro, rockabilly and exotica, which can be roughly classified between DAF and Suicide, is in demand and unique worldwide. Although Imler resembles artists like Dean Blunt, Micachu and The Shapes or the Sleaford Mods in the immediate sound as little as they resemble each other, he shares with them an attitude to punk that "preserves the fire instead of worshipping the ashes" (G.Mahler).

He says yes to cheerful imposition and to an anarchic play of austerity, no to anticipatory customer service and petrified formulas of resistance. He knows that time is a moving target, and whoever wants to kill it must adjust the weapons. His third solo album "Operation Schönheit" will be released on Fun In The Church 2022.

23–24 APRIL

June 6 195

 OTOLAB (workshop) + Tony Light (live) + Xo00


Otolab is a collective of multimedia artists founded in 2001 in Milan. Over the years it has seen, among the most active members, Massimiliano Gusmini (mud), Luca Pertegato (xo00), Marcello Scarpa (mentos), Marco Albert (maikko), Bertram Niessen (orgone), Massimiliano Viel (prof, sn, ssim-el), Fabio Volpi (dies_), Giovanni Membretti (peppo lasagna), Antonio Cavadini (tonylight), Luca Fruzza (reezla), Alessandro Minisci (androsyn), Ivan Benja (rudi mental), Domenico Fusco (zerosinapsi), Davide Calcaterra (tech data), Franco Duranti (fd), Luca Isabella (kcid), Silvio Mancini (harto), as well as numerous external collaborations on specific projects.

Otolab is made of composers, musicians, DJs, video artists, videomakers, web designers, graphic designers, painters and architects and deals with experimentation in the field of digital art and electronic music.

At the center of the collective's research there is an investigation on perception, in particular on the themes of synaesthesia and on the symbiotic relationship between images and sound. The collective's works explore the perceptual deception caused by optical illusions and the construction of immersive virtual realities.

Tony Light

Trained as a designewr, Antonio Cavadini (a.k.a Tonylight), has collaborated with the Otolab collective since 2004 as a musician and manufacturer of audio and video hardware devices. Together with Peppolasagna he developed and marketed the analog synthesizers Leploop, Lumanoise, Multicassa, and the optical-perceptive device Psychoscope. He was a lecturer at NABA - New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, and has also organized numerous workshops on the construction of analog audio and video electronic devices. He has held several concerts and exhibitions in national and international festivals and fairs, and since 2005 he has directed the MicroMilano_HQ, an international festival dedicated to Micromusic.


Trained as graphic designer, illustrator, painter and engraver, Luca Pertegato (a.k.a. Xo00) has always been passionate about electronic sounds and the synaesthetic relationships between sound, light and image.

In 2001 he participated in the foundation of the Otolab artistic collective, where he began a path of research and experimentation in the field of live performance and audiovisual installation by participating in the realization of several projects: Quartetto.swf (winner of the first prize at Netmage in 2002), Ethereal Sound System (2003), Duetto.swf (2003), Stare_Mesto (2003), Polystatic (2004), Hemline (2004), Nuke Belly Button (2006), Op7 (2006), Hypnotic Circus (2006), Gothic Quarter (2006) ), Phantastica (Delysid Trio) (2007), Giardini Neri (2008), Shadowplay (2008), Sole Prismatico (2010), Phantasmata (in collaboration with Xname, 2010), Megatsunami (2011), Derelicta (2012), Dystopia ( 2014), Micropoint (2015), Syn (2016), Resilience (2017), Infinito incompleto (2018), Ex (2020), he has also designed and / or collaborated in the creation of audiovisual installations such as Millepiani.swf (2003), V (2010) and Rotoscape (2011). In 2020, he gave life with percussionist Lorenzo D’Erasmo to the live performance project “Ife“.


June 6 195

Infuso Giallo (live) + Novoline (live)

Infuso Giallo

In search of artists with a unique sound you won‘t be able to get past Infuso Giallo. Since the release of his debut EP „Ode to Sansevieria“ in September 2017, the Berlin-by-choice artist has been able to create a fanbase in Berlin as well as in other world capitals. His sound, which was quickly given the new label „Krautronica“ by experts, consists of an unheard combination of such worlds as Moog-Exotika, Ambient, New-Age, but also House and Beatscene. Additionally his live sets have already been presented to a selected audience – a fluid, ever-changing and ever-new collection and reinterpretation of his own tracks, alternating between Ambient and club context. Several releases are planned for 2019.


Novo Line

Novo Line is a live performance based project by musician Nat Fowler, deliberately misusing 1980's studio production tools to create simultaneously obtuse and acute tone poems using the sound palette of Adult Oriented Rock’s zenith. Alternatively tuned melody/rhythm matrices slowly collide during a live set, based on impromptu choices, powered by two Atari ST personal computers that communicate via a living MIDI network of reactions and interactions, building up three dimensional counterpoint with seemingly astray beats, unfolding into synchronous and asynchronous grooves that can be enjoyed in a state of mind-body integrated euphoria without thinking about this text you are currently reading.

Standard - 128kbps MP3
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