1 year old, baby! / Dec ’19

December is the spectrallest month, baby, for Spettro turns one year old! Quite a hell of a debut. Since last December, we hosted more than 80 artists, bands, DJs, performers, workshops, encounters. This 12-month-old baby managed to put together a terrific community, and to celebrate them all, and make a toast to Spettro’s birthday, we offer you an all-international music programme to end the year with a bang. We start with a very special night of sound poetics, with the unique electroacoustic craftsmanship of Nicola Ratti and the unclassifiable lyricism of Czech duo Havlovi (Irena Havlová & Vojtěch Havel). Two wonderfully crafted and experienced voyages into the unheard (Friday 6). To follow, a double scoop of great vibes, with the tuneful band Insecure Men, from London, and the k-jazz pop duo Umlaut!, from Berlin. Supported by DJ Tim Franklin, this night will fulfill the venue with vintage and stylish waves (Friday 13). Next up, Kӣr (Bane Jovančević) is coming from Belgrade to hypnotize and make us dance. By combining traditional and experimental influences into a post-industrial electroacoustic sound, he will join forces with Spettro Residents to put under your feet a global and retrofuturistic dance floor (Saturday 21). As the times passes by, and the New Year’s Eve approaches, we get ready to spend the first dawn of the Twenties with the best treats. Autre Gonzesse, Sallad Egg, Aghour Al-Kubra, Giorgio Gabber, and many other friends, will play, re-play, a go on and on until 2019 will look like a fantastic dream (Tuesday 31). A kaleidoscopic birthday kermesse, including a Christmas flea market, OFF things and much more. Cheers!


Nicola Ratti + Havlovi

Nicola Ratti

Nicola deals with sound as material since many years now. He has been releasing records and playing live since 2004, lately his works range from performing arts, theatre and moving images, intersecting collaborations with artists which like me are facing the difficulties of modern times. He has been the founder, with others, of collective experiences based on sound as focus. He believe sound is a presence able to inhabit, shape and characterize our context and, as it has always been, will survive ourselves.


Irena Havlová & Vojtěch Havel

In more than fifteen years of their joint activity, Czech artists Irena Havlová and Vojtěch Havel have passed through several distinctive stages of development. They started to work together in the mid-80s, at the experimental Capella Antiqua e Moderna ensemble which won both public and critical acclaim. The repertoire of that unique association of musicians of the same generation, well versed in music history, spanned various styles of European classical music, ranging from the Renaissance to contemporary music, which they performed with extraordinary facility yet very convincingly, and within it the Havels, a husband-and-wife duo, were able to develop what since the very beginning had been a very unorthodox approach to both historical and modern compositional techniques and interpretive procedures. Besides appearing with that ensemble they were intensively collaborating with many other leading Czech and foreign artists since the late 1980s, gradually creating their typically unclassifiable, multi-style and multi-media sound and image collages. Their favourite partners included Jiří Stivín, Czech jazz multi-instrumentalist of world renown, avant-garde drummer Alan Vitouš, and impulsive guitarist Tony Ackerman, as well as dancers Karel Vaněk and Eva Černá, painter Radek Pilař, and others.



June 6 195

Insecure Men + UMLAUT! + Tim Franklin (DJ)

Insecure Men

In many ways Insecure Men – the band led by the fiercely talented songwriter and musician Saul Adamczewski and his schoolmate and stabilising influence, Ben Romans-Hopcraft – are the polar opposite of the Fat White Family. Whereas sleaze-mired, country-influenced, drug-crazed garage punks the Fat Whites are a “celebration of everything that is wrong in life”, Insecure Men, who blend together exotica, easy listening, lounge and timeless pop music, are, by comparison at least, the last word in wholesomeness. (Fat Possum Records)



UMLAUT! are Cosmo Wise and Sam Bardsley, a British duo based in Berlin. Their first single "Ü!" was released on Valley Sound Records and it sounds like cloud nine fission K-Jazz Pop!


Tim Franklin

Luca Collivasone (AKA: Doc. Luden Looksharp, Aston Baxmaq, L #, L.L.Looksharp) began his artistic career as a musician at the turn of the ’80s as founder and guitarist of the band Aus Decline active from 1979 to 1984; with Aus Decline  was published: a song in the compilation “First Relation” (1981) for the label Mask Production, a Compact Disc “Retrospettiva” (2004) self-produced by the band, a Long Playing “Fluxion” (2014) published by Synthetic Shadow label. 



June 6 195

KӢR + Spettro Residents & Friends (DJ)

Bane Jovančević

KӢR is the solo production epithet of Bane Jovančević, resident live artist and program manager of Belgrade’s hallowed halls of techno, Drug§tore. Over the past few years he performed at festivals such as Exit, Flow, Outernational Days, 4GB, Artmospheric, Mad in Belgrade, Zdravo Mladi and was guest at numerous clubs throughout Europe. His debut release has been put out a few months ago by DJ TLR’s Creme Organization label and his second effort Mramorje is due on 23 November on Yerevan Tapes. Bane draws influences from techno to new wave, incorporating power electronics, obscure ambient, folk music, twisted echoes found lost deep in wormholes. It’s visceral music, embracing drone, repetition, rippling soundscapes and obscure sonic horizons. Shaman music, drum led hypnosis, a deep tribal mix from the other world coming to take you home.


June 6 195


Giorgio Gabber (aka Delmore FX), is a chemist of avant-world and post-world sounds. His sophisticated electroacoustic language made of experimental newness and folk oldness — thought as strictly otherworldly — will make you listen, dance and think obliquely.

Sallad Egg is a London-based DJ.

Autre Gonzesse is the dj project of french Berlin based musician Elodie Le Neindre, also active with her live solo project Lagno. Vinyl collector since the age of 14, her eclectic dj sets dive into leftfield and rare jems electronica.

Aghour Al-Kubra (aka Ricc Moro) is an Porto-based electronic artist. 

Spettro Residents & Friends 
need no introduction.