Weirdpoetics / January ‘19

We begin with a solo by a self-defined ‘weirdo’, Trapcoustic, who under many aliases has being shaking the Rome underground scene since the last millenium; here at his most intimate and lyrical form. Next, the doom-disco-dance-punk clownerie of Christophe Clébard. His last work, On Va Crever (‘we’re going to die’), is a proof of the uncanny power of groove. We end with other fragmented and weird things, under the spell of Claudio Rocchetti, whose omnivore work seems determined to build a sociology of field recording based on poetic practice. After each act, Spettro Residents and Morozov will deliver spectral Livesets and DJ sets in the spirit of the weird and the unexpected.


Trapcoustic + Spettro Residents


Known somewhere as Demented Burrocacao, elsewhere as Urania or System Hardware Abnormal, Stefano Sarina Di Trapani is a blazing and erratic songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and underground guru from Rome. Since 2003, with his solo project Trapcoustic Stefano explored the song form, and released nine albums including the acclaimed Shell (Geograph 2017).

Pasticcio Pop
(Spettro Residents)

Deviat pop selection including weird treats from early electronic music.


June 9 1953

Christophe Clébard + Morozov (R Moro) 

Christophe Clébard
June 10 1953
Christophe Clébard is a solo doom-disco-dance-punk project, recalling the punishing groove of Suicide (les ateliers claus).

Morozov (R Moro)
June 12 1953
Get involved in the twisted dance when the morozov starts swinging his frunky tunes. Straight from the foggy streets of porto he will share his collection of what he calls “stolen musique”.


June 6 195

Claudio Rocchetti + Spettro Residents

Claudio Rocchetti

One of the most active european avant musicians of the last half decade. Apart from his main solo project he is also part of 3/4HadBeenEliminated with Tricoli and Pilia, half the duo Olyvetty with visual artist Riccardo Benassi an he melts togheter with noise-funk duo G.I.Joe and Stefano Pilia into In Zaire power quartet. He also played in projects with Jooklo Duo (as Hypnoflash), double bassist Klaus Janek and with Mattin, Bowindo, Fabio Orsi and MB among others (

Ipno Cosmic
(Spettro Residents)

Cosmic journey(s), traces of minimalism(s) and syth-interstellar path(s) with the sign of rituality.