Sauna / May ’19

After a rather heavy bimonthly programme about rituals and rites, we needed something fresh. So we tried to put together a counter programme, and it is all about sensuality. Funky atmospheres, slower tempos, a sense of the concrete, of getting back on your feet. We begin with the perfect trip back from a world of abstractions into that of sweating bodies with the exotic dab of collective project Tropicantesimo. Twelve+ hours of opportunities to enter a hot jungle of slow-motion riffs. Two weeks later, we turn the jungle into the hologram of a cutting-edge discotheque in 1980’s Mitteleuropa, with the moody beat of Chikiss. She’s supported by the arising DJ Ondula, and we can expect a new wave of strong somatic data. Next up, two friends from the Italian experimental scene, Enrico Malatesta and Giovanni Lami, who will present their jazz-concrete music of the surfaces. Textural thinking applied to life. For the last round, a similar approach to the sound itself, with Lorenzo D’Erasmo’s explorations of skins and resonant objects, in search of a percussionist’s voice through the medium of touch. Four great opportunities to remember that “corpore sano in musica sana”. No need to remember that the acts are always followed by their just club-coda, with Luca Garino, Spettro Residents (and friends) until late night.



Ugo Sanchez
Lola Cola

+ Friends

Tropicantesimo has existed for five years and has evolved into its current form through many events during which its unpredictable musical drama has emerged. Like any natural phenomenon you cannot know how long it will last. It's like the earthquake, the storm and the tornado. It takes you by surprise when you're already part of it, whether you want it or not. Tropicantesimo gives life to a musical ritual dilated over time, through the celebration of sound and dance. It brings with it the colors and the warmth of the tropical forest, the flowers and the flavors of the fruit, the moods of the earth scorched by the sun and sweat; but above all it embodies the sounds and the tribal rhythms of the equatorial belt, imagined and dreamed, cut out and discovered. A cocktail of sexual hips and maracas waved in the air.


Chikiss + Ondula


Galya Chikiss is a singer and composer from St. Petersburg. Over the last ten years she has recorded a remarkable range of music, both as a solo artiste and in collaboration with others. Galya has taken part in many projects, whilst being nominated for the "Golos" prize and winning Artemy Troitsky's "Stepnoi Volk" award, both in 2012. Her multifaceted background involves numerous festivals, both at home and overseas. These include: Tallinn Music Week, Manka Boutique Pop Fest (Tallinn), SKIF, Elektromekhanika, Stereoleto, Motherland, Sisto (St. Pbg) , Kazantip, Koktebel Jazz, Gogol Fest, Knizhny Arsenal (Crimea), Afisha Picnic, Avant-Fest, Struktunost', the Moscow Film Festival, Dark Horses (Krasnoyarsk), On the Grass (Perm), Culture Dialog (Murmansk), The Live Performers' Meeting (Minsk), Window on Europe (Vyborg) and countless club events.

DJ Ondula
June 12 1953
Ondula (aka Laura ODL) have played in International festivals like Strcamp, Polyhymnia, New Dance Fantasy, City of Thousand Suns, Camp Cosmic or Braille Sattelite. Resident of the club Sameheads, reference of the underground electronic music scene in Berlin, she hosts the bi monthly party Diapason, together with Eva Geist. Exploring deep into music she proposes an Immersion in obscure electronics, forgotten tapes, Avant-garde, composers, pioneerism, rock in opposition and sound collages.


June 6 195


Giovanni Lami & Enrico Malatesta

The duo of Lami-Malatesta is based upon an active idea of horizontal actions in progress, that slowly change and melt over the course of the performance. Sound originates from several speakers and – in general – from different diffusion points, amplified or not, analog or acoustic, in a non-referential movement. The one and only need is to produce a simple sound-mass, seemingly static but unceasingly evolving through the labour of the musicians. They use their own instruments (as form and gesture) mainly on the surface, moving objects and working upon the skin of an amplified snare or directly in contact with the tape of the reel-to-reel recorder, trying to activate what is already present there but quiescent.
The aim is to realize a complex sound-space where each listening-experience can be free to evolve and wander and get lost.


June 6 195

Lorenzo D’Erasmo + Luca Garino

Lorenzo D’Erasmo

Lorenzo D'Erasmo is an Italian percussionist. From the age of fifteen he devoted himself to modern and contemporary music, performing in national and international festivals. Thanks to the study of avant-garde scores inspired by extra-European musical traditions, he began to be interested in the music from other cultures. This brought him to study Middle Eastern music and traditional frame drumming, with musicians such as Andrea Piccioni, Murat Coskun and others.

Luca Garino

Luca Garino is an artist and composer active since 1996 in the field of electronic, concrete and computer music  and in soundscape and ethnomusicological research. He started as a self-taught musician and perfected his practice at LaSDIM (Laboratory for experimentation and teaching of musical informatics), releasing numerous works on labels such as Boring Machines, Yerevan Tapes and Magnetic Songs. After having launched the label La délirante in 2009, he recently edited for the record label Holidays Records a series of publications of sound poetry (with contributions, among others, by Arrigo Lora-Totino and Ghérasim Luca) and a collection of works by the Danish fluxus artist and composer Henning Christiansen.