SPETTRO is a corridor for sonic explorers


18th of June from 2pm / 19th of June till 5pm

Spettro is thrilled to invite you to their first international music festival that will be taking place in the middle of Brescia’s greenest hills, just forty minutes away from the city center.
A 27 hour showcase with live music acts and DJ sets featuring musicians and music selectors from a wide variety of geographical, cultural and artistic backgrounds; a peaceful gathering to conclude and celebrate together this year's Spectral season. Spettrodelìa will be a completely self-managed and independent event, a totally self-supported and non-profit mini-festival with the sole purpose of creating a magical and harmonious experience. From Spettro’s indoor sonic corridors to an outdoor summerly atmosphere, from the midst of the clouds to the touch of the ground, a fully natural experience. The whole proceeds from ticket sale will be employed to support Spettro's upcoming season and the continuation of our multidisciplinary activities.
9 Live acts. 6 DJ sets. 3 Stages. 1 Astrolabe.
Spettro positions itself as a place of freedom and thought emancipation, a meeting point that aims at fostering creative non-conventional visions through music and sound in their most liberated and multifaceted forms; this is why Spettro believes and is based upon a solid structure of mutual respect in all aspects of togetherness, in the temporary cohabitation of the natural environment, towards all people and all surrounding things.


___ LIVE
Chris Imler (Berlin/Germany)
Chillera (Odessa/Ukraine)
Bear Bones, Lay Low (Bruxelles/Belgium)
Jooklo + Quantius (Italy/Germany)
Andra ljos (Vilnius/Lithuania)
Ear Explorer’s Tropical Trip
Fake Lesbians and The Fairy Grave Saxtape Sayonara

___ DJS
Andrè Pahl (Berlin/Germany)
Vacas (Madrid/Spain)
Les Giants + Yulia Kachan (Italy)
Diora (Thessaloniki/ Greece)
Spettro Residents
Immaginaria Observatory

___ All info and tickets pre-sale:

How does it work?


You can purchase your pre-sale early bird ticket at Spettro venue or at all events directly connected to the festival; from May 20th tickets will also be available to be purchased online (www.spettro.info), and on the 18th of June from 2pm to 1am at the festival door.
In case your arrival time is after 1am or on Sunday morning, a phone number will be provided to let you buy your ticket.

• Early Bird tickets - 25 € purchasable at Spettro
• Online tickets - 30 € from May 20th (link coming soon)
• Door tickets - 35 € (directly at the festival)
*** Limited tickets available! Once inside the festival area, a 'classic' festival wristband will be given to all participants. Remember to keep on at all times to guarantee your access to all services. -


The location is in the province of Brescia and will be revealed via e-mail at the moment of your ticket purchase. All instructions will be provided on where and how to park, how to get there, etc. The place will be reachable by road on 4 wheels or 2 wheels by parking in the indicated areas, but also by bus and then on foot.


• Free Camping: it will be possible to camp, sleep and rest in a large designated area. Bring your own tent with a sleeping bag or blanket.
• Light: a torch to light the way to the entrance and the various areas of the festival
• Water: We recommend you to bring your own water. Water will be available at the bar, but keep in mind that the location does not provide a "free" drinkable water source.
• Food and Drinks: we invite participants to eat and drink at our stands, which will be active both on Saturday evening and in the morning/lunch time on Sunday. - no free grill area - we would really appreciate if you could support and sustain our work by not bringing and grilling your own food.
• Toilet area: there will be a toilet area in the forest, a pretty basic and nature-friendly facility as in the old days. We recommend you to bring your own toilet paper (and use it sparingly).


• Bar: Our bar service will offer draft beers, long-drinks and cocktails until the morning / both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages / coffee / water/ herbal teas and popsicles in all colours. A deposit will be asked on each glass to avoid plastic waste.
• Food: Dinner will be served from 6.00 p.m. on Saturday: single and multi dishes will be available with vegan/vegetarian and gluten-free options, all food will be freshly homemade by the Spettro team! On Sunday a brunch will be available from 11.00 am with a variety of food for all ages and states.

Standard - 128kbps MP3
Mobile - 64kbps

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