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September/October ‘23

Sun 17 September

Gran Riapertura

Eric Kinny’s Happy Fuji News
Wosto / Cid Honer / Spettro Residents 

Sat 23 September

Jaakko Eino Kalevi + Djscarica

Sat 30 September

Philippe Laurent + Simon BornBorn

Sat 7 October

Succhiamo + Peak Nick

Wed 11 October

Spettro Record Shop: Matas Aerobica

Bigbandalone / Radijo Musikii 

Fri 13 October

Uccellacci Uccellini

Fri 20 October

Inturist + Dima Modborn + Zalou

Sat 21 October

WWDIS: Leopardo + Dizzy Davis

Wed 25 October


Sat 28 October

Twoonky + Sasha Mambo
+Federico Cassetta

Tue 31 October

Heavenphetamine + DjPeacock


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