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is an independent space, built by sound enthusiasts
and professionals, without any lucrative aim,
to create a free space out from the mainstream
systems  and the logics of profit.

If you want to contribute to this self-efficient
reality to stand free and mantain this statement

November/December ‘23

Sat 4 Nov

Jooklo XXL (live, I/UK) + Pieter Kock (djset, DE)

Sun 5 Nov

[M1-M3]: Domenica dielettrica: Air Keychains (live, I/NL)

Wed 8 Nov

SpettroRecordshop: Accou + Fiesta en el vacio + Charlie OS (live, BE)

Fri 10 Nov

Chris Imler (live, DE) + Elder Sister (live, US) + Steve Pepe (djset, I)

Wed 15 Nov


Fri 17 Nov

[M1-M3]: Lay Llamas (live, I) + M1-M3 (Music Selecta)

Sat 18 Nov

Viadellironia (live, I) + Giglio Tigrato (djset, I)

Fri 24 Nov

Hociwa + Ssm + Moineau écarlate (live, BE) + Dark mimosa (djset, BE)

Fri 1 Dec

Reptilian Expo +  Cotopaxe (live, I) + Les Giants (djset, I)

Sat 2 Dec

Manu Luis (live, BE) + Rubber Toe (djset, I)

Thu 7 Dec 

Soniche 2023 Ensemble (live, I) + Cacophonator (live, I)

Sat 9 Dec

Lazzee the Cynic (live, CAN) + Finè (djset, I)

Fri 15 Dec

Mik Quantius (live, DE) + Spettro Residents (djset)

Sat 16 Dec

Elastic Systems (live, FR) + Luisali (djset, DE)

Sat 23 Dec


Mon 25 Dec 

Uccellacci Uccellini

+ ext. events:
Fri 3 Nov / Fri 8 Dec


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