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May/Jun/Jul ‘24

Sat 4 May

Wolo: Jiant Bi Mbalax + Lollochef + Jiiji

Wed 8 May

Canti Magnetici: Giovanni Di Domenico + Marco Paltrinieri 

Fri 10 May

Rondò Spettro Sisters: Le Diable Degoutant (FR) + Paolo Técon (FR) + Yulia Kachan

Sat 11 May

Elektroworlds: Peak Nick + Aheadacheaday + Gabriele Sunny Crypt 

Fri 17 May

Uccellini Uccellacci ep. 9

Sat 18 May

Soucupe Dj Collective (FR)

Fri 24 May

Spettro Residenz @ Jazz is Dead / Torino

Sat 25 May

Ganji Manti (PT) + Son Objet (PT)

Mon 3 to  Fri 7 Jun

Studio Residenz @ Genera Azione Festival / Borgosatollo

Sun 9 Jun

GRAN CHIUSURA!!! Oaxaca + 081 @ Vill∆ 

Wed 19 Jun

Spettro Opera @ Waking Life Festival / Crato (PT)

Sat 6 Jul

Studio Residenz @ BAO Music Festival / Monticelli Brusati

Thu 22 Aug

Studio Residenz @ Festa Radio Onda d’Urto / Brescia


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