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Apr ‘24

Fri 5 Apr

Ext. Guest: Blame Society

Sat 6 Apr

KnR (live/SRB) + Tadi (djset/SRB)

Sat 13 Feb

Otto Wilberg (live/UK) + Giulio Erasmus with band (live/UK,B)
+ Pier Panico (djset/Rome)

Sat 20 Apr

Kick (live/I) + Static Palm (live/I) + Romantica (djset/I)

Mon 22 to  Fri 26 Apr

Studio Residency: Radio Hito (B) and Romain de Ferron (FR)

Fri 26 Apr

Radio Hito (live/B) + Romain de Ferron (live/FR)

Sat 27 Apr

Les Fromages Curieux (djset/CH)


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