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Twoonky is the side project of the TwoMonkeys duo:
music thrust into dance electronics, night time digressions,
cosmic dreams, and disco hallucinations.
Breath and rhythm, pulsing out and inside our brains.
Smoke comes out of the eye and falls slowly between all of us.

Francesco Fonassi
Francesco Fonassi is a sonic artist, independent researcher, musician, sound designer/producer working in the field of sound based performances, transmission/transmedial art and experimental music.


Sax Tape is an Experimental Trip-Hop band.
Saxophone by Simone Bornati (Twoonky) and tape manipulations on multitrack tape recorder by sound artist Luisali.



Chorus Abstracta is the project by sonic artist Francesco Fonassi and musicians Simone/Michele Bornati. The trio have born spontaneously along their activities at the Venue/Club Spettro and earlier at Villa No, which they co-run in Brescia, Italy, since 2013. After two tapes released by they’re own label Villa Recordings, in the last two years their music grew and melted at the quarantined Spettro studio, giving birth to materials composed for radio shows and for long, quirk nocturnal sessions.

Italian duo Interlingua is born from the collision of an improv attitude with a strong sense of form and a deep fascination for liturgy. Their music combines Francesco Fonassi’s unconventional electronics and Francesco Venturi's voice and percussion